MASS COLLAB is expanding our event schedule beyond NYC and DC. Email with interest.


  • MASS COLLAB is an event series for queer content creators.
  • All attendees can film at these events using phones, professional cameras, lighting, and props/outfits.
  • Everybody who attends must sign a media release and must have MPOX ‘immunity’.
  • MASS COLLAB recruits ‘featured artists’ who have professional portfolios and specialize in erotic art, photography, and videography. These artists must share a copy of their work with the attendees/models who appear in it and MASS COLLAB, which can be monetized.
  • Nobody who attends is required to participate in any content creation so consent to be filmed by other photographers/videographers is essential at all times.
  • Participants must abide by the norms of the space which include consistent checking for consent to interact, respecting whether someone shows their face in their footage, respecting where/if they want footage to be posted, or if they want to be tagged in the content.

What venues work best?

If you are an owner/operator of an event venue space, here are the key points to consider when deciding if a MASS COLLAB event is right for you:

  • Does your venue currently host sex parties?
  • Does your venue have enough open space and an interesting visual atmosphere for filming?
  • Does your venue have a social media presence and following of m4m content creators? Twitter, especially, and Instagram.

If you have a suitable venue space but need assistance with implementing social media and website upkeep for the venue, we can provide that.